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Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, Southmapton, England, UK

from the Tree of Life to purify and nourish body-soul-spirit

Blue Leaf Soaps

Natural, handmade soaps with herbs and essential oils to support a healthy lifestyle.  
Our soaps are free of synthetics, formaldehyde, paraben,  gluten and palm oil.  Every soap has a story, has a meaning. Please have a look below for more.

Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, Southampton, England, UK, natural soap

Vera's Daffodil Soap

made with real Daffodils and sweet orange essential oil

Vera is my best friend's mom. She loves flowers and gardening. When she became ill, I wanted to create something that cheers her up and gives her joy. As I prayed for her, I was inspired to make this soap. I did not know that she likes yellow flowers or daffodil. I just followed the flow. I selected the oils and butter considering her matured skin and fragile health. Then I made the first batch.In this process, the flowers need to be cut, crashed into a mash. This way their colour and scent can be blended with water and enclosed in the soap. I added sweet orange essential oil to emphasize this unique fragrance.  Sadly, Vera could not enjoy it. The disease broke her frail body like I crashed the flowers. Her beauty and life transformed into a different shape just like the daffodils'. In the last days, Vera talked about this soap. She said 'Erika is collecting all the beautiful yellow flower to making me soap'. When I heard it, I was deeply touched and honoured by it. In those painful moments, she remembered me and waited for the birth of this soap.In the cruellest moments, she declared life surprised everybody with it.  Later I learn that Vera loved daffodil. Vera entered heaven in March which is the month of daffodil blooming. Every time I see a daffodil or use this soap I remember the process of transformation from a short life beauty into an eternal. I am sure she blooms over there and spreading her fragrance in the everlasting garden.

Fresh Air Soap Bar

full of herbs and essential oil to help cleanse the airways and get a good breath

Fresh Air Soap was created at a time I had a cold. I was struggling with breathing due to the blocked airways, my muscles and even my skin was sore. I went to have a bath with my rosemary soap hoping it helps. It did. As the soap contacts the water, the beautiful minty smell of rosemary fills the bathroom. I love this smell! Rosemary is known for its pain relief properties as well as its aroma. While I enjoyed the bath and was getting relieved by the cold symptoms, I started to think about which herbs were used by our ancestors to heal colds. I drink Thyme tea and give it to my children (they do not like it at all 😁) when a cough is unproductive. I have been sniffing minty oils to clear my airways since my childhood. In the end, I decided to combine these. The result, thyme and rosemary infusions (oil and tea) are mixed with essential oils like eucalyptus, pine needle, thyme and rosemary. I threw in some alfalfa powder for its antioxidant properties. Altogether it created a strong, aromatic soap which turns the shower or bathroom into an aromatherapy room.
It does not only help the airways but also cool and refresh the body. These herbs are used to soothe sore muscles. 
I recommend it to use after work out or on a hot summer day, not only during winter.

Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, Southampton, England, UK, natural rosemary soap
Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, natural rose soaps, Southampton, Uk

Grandma's Rose Soap

... tone your skin with real rose petals

Grandma's Rose soap was inspired by my mom. She loves roses. When I was a child, under my window, there was my mom's small rose bed. White, pink and red roses released their fragrance when it was the season. I loved watching mom gardening. I thought 'what a big work! It is a waste of time.' I was not right. Those roses are still there 30 years later and still blooming beautifully. Mom and dad often mentioned the rose water that girls and women used as perfume when they were young. 
For their honour, I created this soap using rose water, rose infused oil and rose geranium essential oil. Rose water is known for its benefits as toning the skin; controls oils in the skin which results in reducing acne, it is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 
The fragrance is nice and flowery.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Kanaan Soap

flowing with milk and honey, filled with oatmeal and spiced with cinnamon

Have you ever heard of the land flowing with milk and honey?

 We use this picture as a symbol of wealth and well-being. The origin of it goes back to the ancient times. There are historical notes about Cleopatra using milk and honey in her bath to nurture her beauty. 

In the Bible, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. God called Moses to set them free. Long story short, the promise of God was a land flowing with milk and honey. These are one of the best qualities of all time. The land name was Kanaan. The land of wealth, freedom and peace for the Israelites. 

Why do not use this soap for getting a hold of these in your own life? 

I use rich coconut milk and honey, oatmeal for exfoliating and nourishing the skin and cinnamon for a warm, exotic touch. Cinnamon is known as energising the body by improving blood flow.  The sweet, spicy fragrance is a result of the ingredients. No added scent or colour. Please, be aware, that cinnamon can irritate sensitive skin.  If it occurs, please discontinue use. 

My father and I have sensitive skin, but this soap never caused any problem to us. 

 (You can find the full story of Israelites freedom and migration to Kanaan in the Bible, in the book of Exodus.)

Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, natural soaps, Southampton, UK_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, natural salt soap, Southampton UK

Salt Bar

with Camomile, Linden and pink Himalayan salt for a gentle exfoliation

Christine's salt bar is a ballerina enclosed in soap. Imagine the tiny white-yellow camomilles sucking the sunshine in and softly dancing with the summer breeze. Imagine the pink salt hiding under the Himalaya, as secret streams wash it, adding minerals to it. Imagine the linden tree standing strong for centuries. Its fragile white-yellow blossoms are spreading the sweet fragrance, seducing the bees which make their ritual dance around the flowers. Imagine the folks from the legends who danced under this tree and sat as judges for peace. 

White, yellow, pink, sunshine, light breeze, sweetness, lovely flowers are dancing ethereally like ballerinas. 

Camomille and Linden are known for their calming effect, reducing headache and digestive symptoms. Both of them have a lovely sweet aroma, recommended to drink as an infusion. It makes the hair and skin soft and shiny if external use. 

Himalayan pink salt contains about 90 minerals, reducing inflammation of the skin, exfoliating the skin. The salt also ensures the presence of ethereal; this soap will not sink in the water (no more lost soap in the tub). The soap floats on the top. 

 All these are combined with the queen of butter, shea butter. This salt bar is not typical, contains less salt to prevent dryness of the skin and more herb infused olive oil to pamper your skin. The smell brings you the sunshine which grew the beautiful flowers and the coolness of underground. Sweet orange essential oil emphasize the fruity sweetness. Your skin and senses will be not the same after bathing with this soap. 

Mary's gold

made with calendula for helping the skin to restore its youth and beauty

Mary's gold soap is made with edible Marigold also known as Calendula. 
This vivid yellow flower is not liked because of its beauty but famous of its healing properties. Herbalists highly praise calendula as it repairs and healing skin quickly. Thanks to the antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect it helps to prevent infections. Anti-oxidants keep the skin young, slow ageing down. It is recommended to drink in case of indigestion and flu. In skincare, it makes the skin toned, reduce inflammation which helps to heal skin condition, makes scars fading away. This soap can be great for more complex skin care. I use marigold infused olive oil and marigold infusion to make this soap. It makes a soft texture, light yellow colour and a refined scent.
Folks named the plant Mary's gold. Mary (Jesus' mother) was a humble spirit. She quietly did her job, and when the angel told her what was coming, she was brave. In a society where an unmarried woman could be (and often was) stoned death when it turned out they are pregnant (or caught red-handed), she was brave to say 'yes' to the angel. She did not care of other's opinion but followed God and trusted in Him with a full heart. An insignificant appearance with power inside. Like marigold, just an average flower, not catching the eyes, but inside, treasures are hiding for healing, restoration and for preserving beauty.

Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, natural soaps, Southampton,UK_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, natural soaps, Southampton, UK

Christine's muscle relief soap

with energising essential oils

Christine's muscle relief soap was created to relieve tired muscles and energise the body. I made this soap to help my best friend (who is a dancer) to take care of her muscles. Supplemented with bath salts or massage oil, it can be very effective. 

 It is made with effective and strong essential oils and herbs such as rosemary, lemongrass and pine needle with a hint of alfalfa powder. 

Rosemary oil is a great stress and anxiety relief, its shooting aroma helps to clear the head when overwhelmed or confused. It positively enhances memory, reduces a headache, increases circulation, alleviates muscle and joint pain. It can relieve cold symptoms, clear stuffy nose when it is breathed in. 

Pine needle traditionally used for muscle, joint and respiratory conditions. It is a disinfectant and antiseptic. 

Lemongrass relieves pain, reduces inflammation, headache. It helps with skin conditions, controls odour because it has antimicrobial properties. It is a popular insect repellent, keeps away mosquitos and even headlice (if the hair is washed with it). 

Alfalfa powder cleanses impurities. It is high in A vitamin (besides other minerals and vitamins) which is essential for healthy skin, helps dry skin to recover. 

The soap has a minty-citrusy aroma. 

Myrrh & Frankincense

 with ancient essential oils and golden olive 

Myrrh & Frankincense soap bar is based on the story of the Magi in the Bible. The three wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus. What does it mean? In the Christian tradition gold representing kingship, frankincense symbols priestly role and myrhh predicts Jesus death and embalming. 
In this soap, extra virgin olive oil is the gold, beautiful flowing golden oil. It has many benefits on health, such as being loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, just to mention a few for external use. 
Frankincense essential oil is known for its antiseptic and disinfectant qualities. Furthermore, tones, lift skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, helps scars fading away, relieves stress, helps with insomnia. It is used for spiritual purposes too as incense or in aromatherapy. 
Myrrh was used as a spice, a natural remedy and to purify the dead in Biblical times. Nowadays it is used because of its antioxidants. There are researchers examine for its cancer-preventing effect.  Myrrh is anti-bacterial, -fungal,- parasitic which makes it a great antiseptic. It can help maintain healthy skin, moisturising the skin, healing cracked and dry skin. 
Altogether they give a light, woody scents to the soap. 
When I use this soap, I offer myself as a present to Jesus. I let my body be an altar where those gifts are offered, and I believe their fragrance ascend to my King.

Blue Leaf Myrrh&Frankincense soap, Southampton,UK
Blue Leaf Soap Ministry, natural soaps, Southampton, Uk

Shea butter body soap

for sensitive skin

Shea butter body soap is ideal for sensitive skin. It is free from colourants and fragrance. It contains five different oils and fats such as coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, olive oil and tallow. 
Coconut oil due to the saturated fats helps the skin stay moisturised. These fats give the skin a healthy, smooth touch and even tone. It has antibacterial properties, so helps keep pimples away. 
Olive oil is the best and most widespread use as an intense moisturiser. It works excellent for the extra-dry skin. 
Rice bran oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin B and E, and omega-6 which ensures good hydration. This oil works well with matured skin, protects it. In Aasia Rica Bran oil is a favourite ingredient for soap making because of its anti-ageing properties. 
Another wonderful ingredient is Shea Butter. It is also rich in vitamin A, and E plus F offers UV protection. It has a long story in Africa, used in skin and hair care and even for medical issues such as wound care. Shea butter is moisturising the skin, makes it smooth and reduce inflammation. Many people with the skin condition (dry or eczematic skin) report its benefit in the long run. It improves skin elasticity as aids skin for collagen production. 
At last; tallow makes the soap hard and gives good lathering. It was traditionally used as a body butter and in soapmaking. It heals chapped and rough skin.

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