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Christine's muscle relief soap

Christine's muscle relief soap was created to relieve tired muscles and energise the body. I made this soap to help my best friend (who is a dancer) to take care of her muscles. Supplemented with bath salts or massage oil, it can be very useful.

It is made with active essential oils and herbs such as rosemary, lemongrass and pine needle with a hint of alfalfa powder.

Rosemary oil is a high stress and anxiety relief, its shooting aroma helps to clear the head when overwhelmed or confused. It positively enhances memory, reduces a headache, increases circulation, alleviates muscle and joint pain. It can relieve cold symptoms, clear stuffy nose when it is breathed in.

Pine needle traditionally used for muscle, joint and respiratory conditions. It is a disinfectant and antiseptic.

Lemongrass relieves pain, reduces inflammation, headache. It helps with skin conditions, controls odour because it has antimicrobial properties. It is a favorite insect repellent, keeps away mosquitos and even headlice (if the hair is washed with it).

Alfalfa powder cleanses impurities. It is high in A vitamin (besides other minerals and vitamins) which is essential for healthy skin, helps dry skin to recover.

The soap has a minty-citrusy aroma.