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THE soaps

Blue Leaf soaps have a root in my father’s childhood. As my generation and the previous ones too, we children loved to listen to our elders’ stories. In the summer in the evenings they took their stool and sat in front of their gate and chat. Younger ones came home from work and waved at grandmas, sometimes stopped and had a brief chat with them. In the winter neighbours, cousins pop in, and we did the same.

As an only child, I felt really entertained and imagined myself in their places when they told me their stories. My dad and his family were farmers. His mom made everything at home, including soap. Women used the leftover animal fat, rendered it then mixed with ash. They used these soaps for skincare and for laundry too. My father has sensitive skin, and he cannot use any commercial skin product as in minutes he has rashes all over his body. He purchased traditionally made soaps from car boot sales and flea markets, or at a few occasion, some old ladies gave him as a part of his wages for his labour. I was growing up listening that ‘there is no better soap in the world than the traditional tallow soap’. I did not like dad’s soaps at all. They were ugly brownish with black spots and smelled bad. Later when I made tallow soap, I realised that dad’s soap was all ruined. He often got his ones from the forgotten attic, and when the owner died, they found a box of soaps and sold on the car boot sales. Dad never smelled, but his soaps yes 😁.

I wanted to make soaps for dad for a very long time. Then when I had to quit my jobs and leave the nurse carrier, I came up with the idea that I learn soap and candle making and will sell them. Of course, my first ones were motivated and inspired by my dad. Then slowly, I found my way and ‘voice’ to express my love and care for my loved ones.

Now I have nine soaps in the shea butter soap family. The basic shea butter soap, Grandma’s rose soap are dedicated to my parents. Christine’s salt bar and muscle relief soap are inspired by my best friend and Vera’s daffodil soap by her mother. The Fresh air soap carries my care for my children, the worries and sleepless nights of having a sick child next to me. The Myrrh and Frankincense, Mary’s gold and Kanaan soaps are an expression of my faith and a touch from Heaven. Each one has a story. If you want to read more, please visit my website at www.blueleafministries.co.uk

Oh, and why Blue Leaf? It is a funny story. We attended financial training, and our mentor tried to illustrate how can a bankrupted company change owners and the name and he said ‘so let’s say that you buy this company and name it....hm...Blue Leaf LTD’ We laughed at this impossible name, but I loved that if I ever have a business, I will name it Blue Leaf. This is it. Since then this name got a deeper meaning, and I grew to love it. Unique as I hope my soaps and ministry are.